Brazil Yellow Diamond-Cerrado


Name: Cerrado Region: Cerrado
Screen Size / Grade: 15/16 FC, 16 Up
Bean Appearance: Greenish to yellowish colour partly covered with skin
Varietal/Species: Bourbon,Catuai & Mundo Novo, Icatu, Typica, Catturra

Process: Natural. Cherries are left to dry on the tree, then harvested and left to finish drying off on the concrete patios.
Aroma: Sweet and soft and with notes of pine and peanuts
Acidity: Low to medium
Body: Medium
Flavour: A smooth nutty flavour with a sweet finish. Very balanced and not over-powering in one characteristic
Altitude: From 900-1200 meters above sea level
Harvest Period: April to September

If you require your coffee beans to be ground, please request this in the fields available for "special/delivery" instructions. Also please advise if you will be using a plunger, filter or espresso machine to brew your coffee

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