Great Coffee – getting started?

A great Latte, Capuccino, Espresso or Flat White begins with expertly and freshly roasted coffee beans.

Coffee and Tea Lovers roasts a selection of beans on a daily basis, please see the full range below.

Contract Coffee Roasting is available where minimum order quantities allow, we can assist you to create your new and signature blend or reliably and efficiently take over the roasting of your current rage, please call on 0800teashop or 09 535 7303 to discuss further.

Arabica ChocolatoFull in flavour and body, with a dark chocolate taste that has a long and lingering finish.
Armenian Blend OrganicBlend of Sumatran & Columbian beans A grunty full-bodied blend with no bitterness, just a deliciously balanced after-taste
Brazil - Fazenda LagoaVery strong dark roasted beans A good strong bite as well as a long-lasting chocolato-like after taste, it will lead every coffee-lover to gush after this specialty
Columbian Supremo - La Ceiba OrganicSmooth and delicious with an impressive, well balanced and gentle fruity aroma Ideal for filter, plunger, perculator or espresso use
Cuban - TurquinoBest of Cuban coffee, strong, well-balanced and spicy its full aroma is reminiscent of famous Cuban cigars.
Decaffeinated BeansFreshly roasted Colombian decaffe beans with a very nice full body flavour. (Swiss water decaffe)
Has BeansA rich & lively espresso blend, designed for plunger/filter, uses only 100% Arabica beans Let yourself be seduced by this complex coffee flavour
InsomniaA full-bodied flavour with a strong after-taste Perfect for espresso or plunger
MexicanA lively, full bodied and aromatic coffee. Complex flavours, from wood and nuts to citrus and wine-like
Opium Roast Organic BlendA wonderful heavy body, smooth and earthy with a subtle overripe sweetness. It's highly addictive! Opium Roast was awarded a Silver placing at the 2011-2012 NZ Coffee Awards in the category of "Best Flat White"
The Godfather Organic Blend A strong dark roast with a hit! A first class coffee found at the top of the specialty market. Designed for plunger, filter and espresso use

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