Tiger Mountain A Grade Indian Arabica


Tiger Mountain A Grade Indian Arabica

Bababudan Giris is the birth place of coffee in India. History tells that it all began with a long and arduous journey around 400 years ago when the legendary Saint Bababudan brought 7 magical beans from distant Yemen and planted them in the Chandragiri Hills of Karnataka.

A shade grown Arabica from the highlands of the Bababudan Giris region

A proportion of the raw coffee proceeds from Tiger Mountain are donated to the 21st Century Tiger, which is a unique wild tiger conservation partnership between the Zoological Society of London and Global Tiger Patrol.

One hundred years ago, 100,000 wild tigers roamed throughout Asia, now there are less than 3,200. In the last 100 years Asia’s wild tiger numbers have shrunk to only 7% of its indigenous range.

Region: Tiger Mountain Farm, Baba Budangiris
Grade: A Special Grade - Washed
Screen Size: 15 / 17
Process Method: Fully Washed
Appearance: Yellow/Green
Tasing Score: Hazelnuts, caramel and dark cocoa to finish.

Altitude: From 1000 -1500 meters above sea level

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