Nicaraguan Santa Rita Speciality



Region : Jinotega, Nicaragua, Santa Rita
Process: Handpicked, washed and sun dried

Altitude : 1100 - 1,250 METERS

Tasting note : Chocolate, Roasted almonds, Apricot and Honey

This Nicaraguan coffee comes from a single estate, owned by two women who started growing coffee in 1998. It is Rainforest Alliance : 54 hectares of their property is devoted to a forest preserve.

The farm also promotes social responsibility through incentive programs and promotions to their workers, a fair and equitable treatment, support for education, medical clinic at the estate, among others. Additional highlights are a management and environmentally responsible production, such as plantations under shade, no water pollution, protection of flora and fauna, and especially its new mission of “harvesting water”, which implies easy and ancestral methods of use, care and protection of water sources to preserve this vital and precious liquid for the current and next generations of surrounding communities.

If you require your coffee beans to be ground, please request this in the fields available for "special/delivery" instructions. Also please advise if you will be using a plunger, filter or espresso machine to brew your coffee

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