Crema Pro Commercial knock Box

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Crema Pro Commercial Waste Tube with Carabiner & cloth


This Crema Pro commercial knock tube is sturdy and holds a great deal of used grinds.
Easy to clean and easy to empty. Insert a bin liner to hold the the spent coffee.

- Separates into three parts for easy cleaning
- Includes a barista cloth that attaches to either side of the knock bin via the carabiner hook
- Small vents at the base of the knock bin prevent a vacuum from forming when a plastic bag has been placed inside
- Rubber base prevents slipping when knocking out portafilter.
- Made from hard wearing polypropylene
- Easy to clean just rinse under tap.
- Made of tough polypropolene and a solid nylon knock bar! - No nuts or bolts.

Height: 860mm
Width: 220mm base
Width: 18mm body
Weight :3.35 gross weight
Large kraft box

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